2017-2018 Romig Middle School Sports & Activities


Interscholastic practices are from 3 - 4:30 pm; students are to be off campus by 4:45 pm.


To learn more about sports and activities, dates, fees and participation forms, click here or contact Bennetta Orchitt, Assistant Principal.


REQUIRED participation forms and fees:


  • Parents must sign a participation form for each sport and/or activity.
  • Students must have a current physical in order to participate in any sporting activities.
  •  A completed ImPACT baseline assessment (done in school).
  •  A $110 activity fee per interscholastic sport (family cap of $390).


REQUIRED forms and fees MUST BE turned in together no later than lunch the day prior to the first practice.


INTERSCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES – Yes! We compete against other schools.



Forms & Fees DUE by Lunch on:

Season Start Date

Season End Date

 Cross-Country Running

Fri, Aug 25th

T, Aug 22

Fri, Oct 6

Girls’ Basketball

Fri, Aug 25th

M, Aug 28

Th, Oct 12


Fri, Oct 13th

M, Oct 16

Th, Dec 7


Fri, Oct 13th

Tu, Oct 17

Sat, Dec 09

Cross-Country Skiing

Mon, Jan 8th

Tu, Jan 9

Fri, Mar 02

Boys’ Basketball

Fri, Jan 12th

Tu, Jan 16

Th, Mar 01

Track and Field

M, Mar 19th

W, Mar 21

W, May 9


INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES* (no fee) No!  We do not compete against other schools.



Forms & Fees DUE by Lunch on

Season Start Date

Season End Date

Flag Football (Co-ed)

Fri, Sep 8th   

M, Sep 11

Th, Oct 12

Weight-training (Co-ed)

Fri, Sep 15th

M, Sep 18

Th, Oct 19

Tennis (Co-ed)

Fri, Mar 30th

M, Apr 03

Th, May 03


*Dates are tentative.


OTHER ACTIVITIES -- Some offered during the day, some after school ending at 4pm.


  • Spelling Bee
  • Yup’ik Spelling Bee
  • Battle of the Books
  • Talent Show
  • Art Workshop
  • Drama
  • Math Counts
  • NYO